Growing, growing, not gone.



“I think we could agree that anyone who’s in the business of predicting the future of journalism is going to get clobbered,” David Carr presents in a nutshell the underlying truth of the industry- that no one is in any position to foretell which direction Journalism will take.

He does assert, however, that despite journalism’s changing nature, the industry is not dying. “Any time digital media get a little money- this is true of Huffington Post, true of Vox Media, this is true of BuzzFeed- what they do is they go out and hire Journalists.”

Many are quick to pronounce journalism a terminally ill case- supposedly no one wants news anymore. Yeah, that’s why Yahoo News has approximately 125,000,000 monthly visitors and Huffington Post has 105,000,000. That’s why, as I write this #ukraine is trending on Twitter.

Maybe not as many pick up the Newspaper on a Sunday while enjoying a cup of coffee, but not as many have that luxury. Lifestyles are changing. Sunday once truly was the day of rest and to work was nearly unheard of. People had time to read the paper. Now, we have to read the news whenever and however we can get it.

Andrew Lack, Carr’s conversation buddy, agrees that Journalism is an evolving industry. “I think old media, new media, those walls are coming down. It’s all storytelling… And in a digital world you consume it differently than we did. My parents consume it differently than I do. This is part of the natural evolution of the great use cases of the technologies of our time…”

Tom Rosenstiel is equally optimistic of Journalism’s future, arguing that the current model is the most beneficial to the audience than its predecessors. Previously, we were force-fed news and information as corporate conglomerate saw fit. We were the proverbial trash can for whatever garbage they threw us. Now, though, the audience has absolute control over what they consume. We are able to access whatever we want whenever we want- and that’s pretty empowering.


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